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In order to implement the modded-looking feel of the server, the resource pack must be used. While it works with the vanilla client, some small issues with textures may be encountered when not using Optifine.

Don’t know how to enable a server resource pack?

To enable the resource pack:

  1. Click on the server and then click Edit on the bottom of your screen:

  2. A new screen will pop up. Cycle through the Server Resource Pack option until it reads Enabled.

  3. Join the server!


RotMC is a permadeath game: you are given one grace life on your first character where you will not lose items if you die under level 20. After that, if you die you lose everything except for XP before level 20. As such, this game is not easy. You will die. It happens to everyone eventually. Learn to play with and around this feature and use your ender chest to keep items into your next life and other characters, you have it for a reason!

Do not skip the tutorial.

The basics are explained within it and you will have a hard time progressing and understanding the game without reading and understanding it.

Basic Commands

Name Description
/invis Turns other players invisible so it’s easier to see incoming shots. This is good for event bosses like sentry but it is not recommended for moving bosses and enemies. It’s beneficial to see where and which players the boss is following and which players they are shooting at.
/sb Used to change your scoreboard. It is recommended to not touch this until you have completed your quests and then switch to Board #2 which shows Damage and Character information.
/class Switch classes.
/stats Check your current classes stats.
/warp Godlands Used in the realm to teleport into the godlands.
/tp Used to tp to another player only within the realm otherwise use /tpa for the Guild.
/ftop Shows the top 10 highest fame characters on the server.
/gtop Shows the top 10 highest fame guilds on the server.

Early Game

Early game can be difficult as a new player, so it is recommended to use an easy class. Recommended classes include: Necromancer, Huntress, Assassin, and Samurai.

Weapons can be used by holding them and pressing right click. Abilities can be used by left clicking them, to use both weapons and abilities, the ability has to be held in the off-hand.

When entering the realm for your first time, you will spawn on the beach and can progress your way to the midlands. It is a good idea to farm the mobs that spawn in these areas to get a set of better gear early to enter the early game dungeons with. These dungeons have an increased chance to drop White Bags that contain items that are weaker than other untiered items. These items are equivalent to highered tiered items and have special effects that can increase their usefulness as well.

Tier Points

Tier points are a counting system that measures your character's skill. Each item has a given number of tier points, the higher the tier, the more tier points. For each dungeon, a certain number of tier points are required. Tier points are character specific and are not required for event bosses.

Tier points are the only requirement to enter a dungeon. Harder dungeons require more tier points and they will drop higher tier items. A list of these dungeons can be found on the discord wiki bot and is updated frequently. To enter a dungeon, stand over it and hold crouch


Fame is given to characters for being within 20 blocks of most enemies when they are defeated. Each enemy gives a different amount of fame, as you play you will learn which enemies give more amounts of fame. When your character dies, you will receive all of the fame from above level 20, which will leave your character with 15k fame. Regardless of how many times you die, you will not dip below 15k fame. The fame on your character cannot be spent until you die or delete the character- in which case it is converted to death fame.

Death Fame

Death Fame is RotMC’s currency which is used to trade items- either directly or on the auction house- and to upgrade guilds to their next tier.


When an enemy is killed, it has a chance to drop a bag. Loot is gained by right clicking bags in RotMC. The colour of the bag indicates the rarity of the items within the bag. The rarity of bags goes in order of: Pink bag, Purple bag, Blue bag, Cyan bag, Red bag.

However, there are items called untiered items (UT) that have unique properties compared to generic tiered items, these come in White bags and contain the rarest items in the game.

There is also the Gold bag which contains one of 3 elusive souls that allow easier movement on air, water, or lava.

Forge Fragments and Exalting UTs

UTs can be upgraded depending on the type of UT it can have a different crafting recipe to upgrade it

Green UTs require two of the same UT:

Purple UTs require three of the same UT and 6 Royal Forge Fragments:

Red UTs require two of the same UT and 7 Bloodshot Forge Fragments:

Royal Forge Fragments drop in an Orange Bag at a rare chance from all minibosses which spawn within the realm. These are used to exalt Purple UTs from event bosses and mid-late game dungeons. Combining three of the same UT and six Royal Forge Fragments in any order within a crafting table will result in the exalted version of the UT combined.  The Chronos and Omnipotent Citadel dungeons drop Bloodshot Forge Fragments in an Orange Bag as well, which are used to exalt onyx weapons. Combining seven Bloodshot Forge Fragments and one Onyx UT will result in the exalted version of that UT. You can also exalt green UTs which drop from the midland and beach biome dungeons by combining two of the same UT.


The Beach

The beach includes Pirates, Bandits, Scorpions and Slimes. You can find Pirate Cove dungeons here.


The Midlands are composed of multiple sub-biomes: deserts, swamps, and forests. Boblins, Hobbits, Summoners, Centaurs, and Nymphs can be found here, along with T2-T4 gear. You can find Goblin Lair and Enchanted Forest dungeons.


The Godlands has various different mobs and is the hardest biome in the realm. T4-T6 can be found here. Dungeons include the Abyss of Demons, Undead Lair, Treasure Cave, and Kraken’s Fortress.

Event Bosses

Event bosses spawn on a timer in the realm and have a high amount of HP and announce their spawn in the chat, they drop various different mid-end game dungeons and the bosses themselves can drop T6-T8 Items. Event bosses are found scattered throughout the realm. These are different from minibosses.


Mini bosses are found in the realm similar to event bosses. They are easier to defeat and drop beginning to mid tier loot. They are the only source of forge fragments.

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