Release 1.1.0



  • Loot filter system. Type /loot to see the filters you can use
  • New Desert Temple dungeon, drops from Sand Rogues and Sorcerers
  • New tier 5 Guild reward! All tier 5 Guilds will receive a rank in the Discord server with the name of the Guild
  • More informative scoreboard: includes tier points, damage done, etc.
  • Loot holograms now show up for UTs when obtained from a bag
  • You can now see what items you have listed in the auction house
  • New Sandstone Helmet (Green UT from Miraj)
  • New Sandstone Shield (Green UT from Miraj)
  • New Miraj's Boots (Green UT from Miraj)
  • Reduced HP of Shatters mobs/event mobs and adjusted spawn rates of realm mobs
  • Added a Guild shop to buy blocks for fame. Accessible in Guild world with /shop
  • Added 1 more Realm
  • Max people in the whole server increased from 190 -> 300


  • Players not being set into adventure mode in Dungeons
  • Some loot bags were unopenable
  • Interworld player teleportation
  • Abilities not being usable until item was moved around
  • Fixed Realm crashes and performance issues
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