Release 1.2.0

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  • Dying now sets your potion stats to 25% rather than 50%
  • New Shaman class. Uses staff, robe and scriptures
  • 1 more realm has been added (Terra)
  • 1 more hub has been added
  • Cap for realms has been increased to 35
  • Player cap increased to 350
  • Highest star is light green and requires 50 stars to achieve
  • New dungeon from Illarius. "Illarius' Hideout"
  • Void portal now drops from B. Chungus rather than sentry
  • Cultist portal is now a 100% drop rate from sentry
  • Demonic Blade and Demonic Dagger has a smaller arch between shots
  • Removed one of the phases from Void Golem. The one where he jumps in the air and shoots a fountain of shots
  • Resprited pirates, bandits and slimes
  • Onyx does slightly more damage
  • Moved Auction House, Enderchests, PVs, Kits and Crates/Voting to the Guild World


  • Increased drop rate of royal forge fragments
  • Reduced drop rate for bloodshot forge fragments
  • Black bags scale with damage done even more. 100% damage now triples your chances rather than double
  • UT & EX Scripture of Lost Treasure from Pirate Cove
  • UT & EX Magma Infused Scripture from Abyss of Demons
  • UT & EX Spring Seasoned Scripture from B. Chungus
  • UT & EX Solar Staff from Sentinel
  • UT & EX Dark Flame Trident from Twilight Archmage
  • UT & EX Forgotten Dagger from the Forgotten king
  • UT & EX Chronos Leggings from Chronos
  • UT & EX Corrupted Chaps from Dark Guardian
  • UT & EX Black Hole Sandals from Omnipotent
  • UT & EX Greatwood Greaves from Loa (New dungeon)
  • UT & EX Blossom Blade from Loa (New dungeon)


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to sometimes build in dungeons
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the Soul essences from working properly
  • Fixed a bug that reset the loot filter every time you changed servers
  • Reduced some slightly too big projectiles in Onyx
  • Fixed some sounds scaling with how many players were around it
  • Fixed orbs having way less particles than intended when used
  • Reduced Realm crashes


  • 1 base heart removed from Heavy armour classes (10 hearts base now)
  • 1 base heart added to Magical armour classes (10 hearts base now)

The following adjustments are for class's potion stats; remember that potion stats are halved. These changes were made to ensure late-game players do not become too overpowered in relation to enemies.

-5 health potions
-5 evasion potions
+5 attack potions

-15 evasion potions
-10 health potions
-10 Attack potions

-15 attack potions
-10 evasion potions
-5 vitality potions
-5 CritDamage potions
-5 CritHit potions

-5 evasion potions
-5 vitality potions
+5 attack potions

+15 defense potions
-20 evasion potions
+10 vitality potions

-15 defense potions
-5 health potions

-15 defense potions
-5 vit potions
-5 evasion potions

-10 defense potions
-5 attack potions
-5 vitality potions

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