Release 1.3.0

Major Rebalancing

Due to poor balancing, some items were way too powerful. Specifically, the amount of EHP they could provide to your class was significantly unbalanced. Unfortunately, these items had to be nerfed. This means if you have any of the old, pre-nerfed items, you must to replace them with new ones.
To do this, put them in a crafting table individually and you can craft the updated version. If you have gems on it, make a ticket or use extractors if you can.

Some of these nerfs look pretty crazy so I want to justify some of them starting off with the defense and evasion scaling.

Evasion and Defense Rescaling

The marked difference between mid- and end-game players' ability to compete with difficult bosses like Onyx indicated that there was a an issue with the scaling of some stats. More specifically, players with end-game loot could easily defeat the final boss, while players who used mid-game loot would be handily two-shot by him. Leather classes could reach such a high amount of evasion that they could dodge nearly 80% of all shots; add this on top of having almost 3 rows of hearts, and it was clear that these two stats in particular needed to be re-scaled.

Class Rebalancing

The amount of potions needed to drink on some where a bit too much and I couldn't stand saving 25% of pots on death to compensate it. The issue was that the max a stat could be was 45, yet only 6 total stats from all classes combined had 45, 40 wasn't too different either so we put it to 35 at max.

Helmet of the Juggernaut and Combustion cloak were so good that you almost had to try to die with one. Especially with how easy combustion cloak was to obtain it was just ridiculous.

Cultist Hood was probably the best item in the game for survivability, considering it is for magical classes this also did not make sense. It is still pretty darn crazy though

What people need to understand is that dying is part of the game. Having the opportunity to make yourself borderline immortal not only takes out the point, it also makes dying that much more traumatic when it happens.You need to die to learn, without it you also speedrun through account progression way too quickly.

If you are a new player, please note that most enemies have had a slight damage reduction to combat the defense changes a little bit. No this is not counter productive because overall end game players are less tanky which was the goal.

Lastly, some whites were too rare but increasing them would just ruin the economy since not many are coming out of circulation. Now that it is quite a fair bit easier to die we can (hopefully) safely increase the chances to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Remember, if you have old items you need to have them changed, failing to do so will land you a lengthy ban.



Warrior -10 -5 - - -5 -5 -5 -5
Shaman -5 -10 -10 - -5 -5 -5 -5
Knight -10 - -10 - - -10 +5 +5
Necromancer - -10 -5 - -5 - +5 +5
Assassin - - - - - - +5 +5
Huntress - - -5 - +5 - - -
Battlemage - -10 -10 - -5 -10 +5 +5
Ninja - -10 -5 -10 +5 - +5 +5
Samurai -10 - -5 - - -15 - -
Rogue - - +5 - - - - -



  • Combustion cloak gives 40% damage reduction instead of 60%. Ex cd from 15 -> 13
  • Jugg (exalted only) gives 40% damage reduction and speed 2 instead of 60% damage reduction
  • Crystal Shield: Active time 5 -> 4 seconds
  • Void Hat: -5% Dodge
  • Sentinel's Visor: -1% Defense -2 Health -2% Dodge
  • Breastplate of New Life: -5 Health
  • Cultist Hood: -1% Defense -5 Health


  • Slow Touch Orb: 15 -> 9 second cooldown
  • Spirit Dagger: +3 range (Exalted +1 range)
  • Onyx Dagger: +3 damage per shot
  • Forgotten Dagger: Added Piercing
  • Carrot on A Stick: +2 damage
  • Orb of Conflict: +40 Damage -1 range
  • Spectral Armor: +8% Dodge
  • Cursed Brigandine: +6 Health
  • Twilight Hood: +9% Defense
  • Chronos Robe: +15% Attack +5 Health
  • Omni Robe/Legs: Removed the -4 Health
  • Corrupted Chaps: +2 Health +5% Speed
  • Onyx Chaps: +3% Attack +3% Defense +3% Speed
  • Onyx Breastplate: +2% Defense +5% Attack


  • Removed the queue server, you will instantly be teleported to a hub
  • Added 1 more hub (3 total now)
  • Added 6 more realms (12 total now)
  • Max server cap 250 -> 500
  • Guild world cap 60 -> 75
  • Removed the limbo island between the hub and the realm
  • Added voided gods in godlands. They do more damage, have more health but drop a guaranteed potion and their respective dungeon
  • Dying now resets your potions to 0
  • Jump rune now gives you jump 1 rather than Jump 2
  • Added /recipes which shows you all custom recipes the server has
  • Updated a lot of GUIs and the resourcepack (download the new one in #resourcepack if it doesn't load in game)
  • Changed defense scaling. 250% defense is now 100% damage resistance rather than 200% defense being 100% damage resistance
  • Changed evasion scaling. 125% evasion is now 100% dodge rate rather than 100% evasion being 100% dodge rate
  • Onyx's Bomb phase now does direct damage, do not stand on him during this phase


  • Fixed the bug that resulted in /pay being removed (balance rollback)
  • Fixed elemental star not piercing
  • Fixed forgotten dagger not doing damage if a bloody cloak is used
  • Fixed random inventory wiping
  • Fixed crafting of some UTs giving the wrong item at times
  • Fixed double deaths sometimes happening


  • Getting 100% damage on a boss now triples your chances for a black/white bag rather than doubling it. Yes this counts for all damage percentage values inbetween, damage matters through out
  • Generally increased chances of all whites
  • Significantly buffed chances of bloodshot forge fragments from dropping
  • Reworked how white bags are calculated and dropped.


Onyx has 8 Black bag Items. Each one has a 1/1000 drop rate (before other calculations) and there are 8 items.

This doesn't mean the chance is 8/1000, it is actually 1/1000 repeated 8 times, which is different for actual probability, that isn't too big of an issue but the real issue was that each UT was in an order. For example, the first 1 out of the 8 black bag items was Onyx's Breastplate, second was Onyx's Chaps and so on. Remember, you cannot loot 2 bags at once so this means in order to get Onyx's Chaps, you need to first roll for

Onyx's Breastplate and fail it and then successfuly roll the chance for Onyx's Chaps. The 8th item on the list was Onyx's Staff. So In order to get that you need to individually roll all other items and fail all 7 and then roll a lucky one for the final one which was Onyx's Staff. This explains why there are so many more Onyx's Breastplates in comparison to Onyx's Staff. It is more likely to drop when it is laid out like this.

I tried to combat this issue by making it so inside of each black bag there is a chance to get any other items for the same drop rate as the bag itself. I even did this for all white bags and there has only ever been 1 double white which was in Enchanted Forest. The chances are so rare here that is just not worth using this system for that tiny chance of a double UT.


Onyx has 8 Black bag items but they are all contained in a single black bag rather than 8 items distributed between 8 different bags. However, within this black bag, along with all the other drops such as potions and whatnot, you are limited to 1 UT.

This means that when you get a black bag the chance for what item is in there is no longer pre-determined until you open it. When you do open it, it will equally roll through all 8 items and choose 1.

This does mean that black bags are no longer 1/1000. Onyx is now going to drop a black bag at 1/125 which is theroetically the same as 8/1000 but in actual probability it is slightly different.

This also goes for all white bag drops in the game. There is not a single white bag in the game that is over 1/300 base drop rate. Why? Well if we look at the black bag example, 1/125 doesn't sound too rare at all but that 1 black bag can contain 8 different items, getting the one you want is still going to be rare considering it can be 7 other items. The more whites added to a drop table the rarer each of them become.

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