Release 1.4.0



  • Realm world has been entirely redone
  • Remove Spider Queen miniboss
  • Necromancer's skull now deals area-of-effect damage
  • Reduced Loa's health from 5000 to 4250


  • Added new limitied-time boss: Dreadsnare
  • Cauldrons spawn randomly throughout the Realm and drop potions, gems, extractors, and character slots.
  • Hub has been given a temporary Halloween theming
  • Added new reskined EX items dropped by Dreadsnare:
    • Bramble Bow (Doom Bow)
    • Hollows Harvest (Spring Seasoned Scripture)
    • Solar Eclipse Staff (Solar Staff)
    • Dirk of Horror (Dirk of Chronos)
    • Eye of Confliction (Orb of Conflict)


  • Added Kunai of Conflict dropped by Avatar (Purple UT)
  • Added Dilapidated Skull dropped by Loa (Purple UT)
  • Added Hat of Souls dropped by Heptavius (Purple UT)
  • Added Black Hole Trap dropped by Omnipotent (Red UT)


  • Chronos Heart gives an additional +2 hearts on use
  • Greatwood Greaves give an additional +4 health
  • Onyx Boots gives a reduced -3 health
  • Battlemage has had the following stat changes:
    • -2.5 health
    • -2.5 vitality
    • -2.5 critical hit
    • -2.5 critical chance
    • +2.5 speed


  • Fixed some mobs not showing health holograms above them when damaged
  • Fixed player synchronization issues
  • Significantly increased server performance
  • Fixed the spawn points of some minibosses
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