Release 1.5.0



  • Removed Halloween stuff (Christmas is coming soon!)
  • New dungeon has been added: Medusa's Den. (30 tier points)
  • Moved Plague Poison to Medusa's Den
  • Haste Rune now gives Haste II instead of Haste I
  • Removed health-based invulnaribility frames from all bosses in the Kraken's Fortress
  • Reduced health of minions in Treasure Cave


  • Added Star of Chronos from Chronos (Red UT)
  • Snakeskin Spellcoat from Medusa's Den (Purple UT)
  • Serpent Staff from Medusa's Den (Purple UT)


  • Rogue: +5 Attack
  • Samurai +5 Vitality


  • Pets are accessible through /pets and you can unlock them through getting them as drops. Buying Exotic Pet keys through /shop or with fame in the Onyx's Pet shop in the guild worldx - Rarity for pets goes usual, strange, fabled, exotic and mythical
  • Through death fame, you can purchase pet crate keys.
    • "Usual" pet crate key: 50,000 Death Fame
    • "Strange" pet crate key: 225,000 Death Fame
    • "Fabled" pet crate key: 450,000 Death Fame
    • "Exotic" pet crate key: 900,000 Death fame ( or 20GBP from the /buy shop)
    • "Mythical" pet keys cannot be purchased
Name Drop Location Tier Bonus
Shadow Entity Crates Mythical Speed +20%
Revenant of Onyx Onyx Mythical Speed & Attack +10%
Fallen Warden Lance Warden Mythical Speed & Crit. Damage +10%
Fallen Herald Sword Herald Mythical Speed & Vitality +10%
Fallen Reaper Scythe Reaper Mythical Crit. Damange +20%
Oblivion Crates Mythical Crit. Damage & Attack +10%
Kratos Crates Mythical Attack +20%
Lost Void Entity Void Entity Exotic Speed +20%
Hexed Painting Crates Exotic Speed & Attack +8%
Minion of Chronos Chronos Exotic Speed & Crit. Damage +8%
Spirit of the Lost Guard Crates Exotic Speed & Vitality +8%
Holy Excalibur Crates Exotic Crit. Damage +16%
Forgotten Crown Forgotten King Exotic Crit. Damage & Attack +8%
White Bag Crates Exotic Attack +16%
Friendly Hermit Crab Hermit Crab Fabled Speed +12%
Baby Flying Brain Crates Fabled Speed & Attack +6%
Forbidden Slaw Crates Fabled Speed & Crit. Damage +6%
Tattered Scroll Undead Mage Fabled Speed & Vitality +6%
Witches' Broom Crates Fabled Crit. Damage +12%
Super Pizza Crates Fabled Crit. Damage & Attack +6%
Skull of Robert Forgotten Avatar Fabled Attack +12%
Fey Cauldron Crates Strange Speed +8%
Gloopy Crates Strange Speed & Vitality +4%
Flamey Shaitan Strange Speed & Crit. Damage + 4%
Barrel of Rum Davy Jones Strange Speed & Vitality +4%
Cursed Scripture Crates Strange Crit. Damage +8%
Poisonous Mushroom Crates Strange Crit. Damage & Attack +4%
Infinity Cube Slime God Strange Attack +8%
Miniature Vessal Pirate Cove Usual Speed +4%
Lil Ghost Undead Lair Usual Speed & Attack +2%
Enchanted Flower Pot Crates Usual Speed & Crit. Damage +2%
Fungal Crystal Worm Mother Usual Speed & Vitality +2%
Eye of the Avatar Crates Usual Crit. Damage +4%
Mimic Crates Usual Crit. Damage & Attack +2%
Hell-Forged Lantern Crates Usual Attack +4%
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