Release 2.0.0



  • Improved tutorial
  • Added 1.18 support
  • HUD bars for health and ability cooldown have been re-added
  • New emojis! :zamn: :white: :cooldude: :hmm: :pain: :waaa: have been added
  • Added a new Bedrock rank!
  • Made enchantment glint less obtrusive
  • Permanent price reduction for character slots, essence keys and extractors in /buy
  • Increased in drop rate for T4 and T5 Gems
  • Can no longer remove extracted souls of Ganda, Kabiri and Illuri from their sockets
  • Kabiri and Illuri can now be used in dungeons and the guild world
  • All souls update every tick rather than every 3 seconds
  • Removed 6 realms
  • Added 2 shadow realms
  • Graves are left behind when you die; larger graves are placed for players with more tier points
  • Dungeon minions have less severe defense scaling
  • Switched up crate rewards:
    • Added Mystery Fragments
    • Added Mystery Dungeons
    • and more!
  • Mystery gems are added directly into the player's inventory rather than dropping to the floor
  • /ftop and /gtop have been merged into /leaderboards
  • Other classes' inventories can be accessed through /class


  • Added Cloak of the Warlord from Lotil (Purple UT)
  • Added Bow of the Forest from Illarius (Purple UT)


  • Effectiveness of health has been divided by 1.5, excluding the base 10 hearts
  • Samurai: +5 Defense, +5 Health
  • Battlemage: +5 Vitality, +5 Defense
  • Assassin -5 Vitality, -5 health
  • Ninja: -5 Vitality, -5 health
  • Huntress: -5 Vitality, -5 health
  • Rogue: -5 Vitality, -5 Evasion
  • Cursed Brigadine: -5 Vitality
  • Frost Leggings: +2% Defense, +6% Attack, and -5% Speed
  • Crayfish Greaves: +5% Defense, +2 Health
  • Corrupted Chaps: +10% speed
  • Godlands mobs and dungeons, event bosses, and Onyx have had their damage reduced
  • Reduced shots in Onyx dance phase and particle lag
  • Slightly increased health of Lotil

Shadow Realms

The Shadow Realm is a new type of Realm you can get to through gronk. There is a tier point requirement of 60 to enter it. In the shadow realm there is only 1 biome and it is filled with voided gods. Occasionally, the 3 new minibosses can spawn there too (Herald, Warden and Reaper). There is a rare chance that each of these can drop the dungeon.
Celestial's Province dungeon has a tier point requirement of 66 and has 2 bosses. Asmodeus is the first boss and Seraphim is the second boss.

Exclusive Loot

  • Soulless Shoes from Reaper (Purple UT Mage Boots)
  • Reaper's Vest from Reaper (Red UT Leather Chesplate)
  • Warden's Faceguard from Warden (Purple UT Heavy Mask)
  • Dawnbringer from Warden (Red UT Katana)
  • Heraldic Heelguards from Herald (Purple UT Heavy Sabatons)
  • Herald's Essence from Herald (Red UT Orb)
  • Blood of the Heretics from Asmodeus (Red UT Poison)
  • Shrouded Shield from Asmodeus (Red UT Shield)
  • Visage of the Night from Asmodeus (Red UT Warrior Helmet)
  • Final Destination from Seraphim (Red UT Staff)
  • Feathers of the Seraph from Seraphim (Red UT Kunai)
  • Seraphic Shiv from Seraphim (Red UT Dagger)
  • Empyrean Epitome from Seraphim (Red UT Skull)
  • The Holy Cross from Seraphim (Crafting ingredient)
    This item is used in 3 new recipes:
  1. Soul of the Seraph (All 3, kabiri, illuri and ganda essences crafted together, it has properties of all of them)
  2. Seraphim's Mandorla (All 3 Shatters EX Head slot items crafted together, it has all their stats put together (not stacking) and has an additional 5 CH and 5 CD
  3. Wings of the Seraph (All 8 unique elytras (including charged bedrock) crafted together, this elytra has 6 Vitality 15 CH and 15 CD added on to the bedrock elytra stats and flies faster in the realm)

Ironman Mode

When creating a class, you can select to make it an Ironman Mode character, bringing new challenges such as not being able to trade/access the AH or pick up dropped items. Ironman Mode characters can use /class to move items away from their profile but cannot move any items into it. They cannot access the Guild world and have a separate leaderboard in /leaderboards and have a unique symbol above people's names and in the tab menu. Ironman Mode brings 2 new glows. Top 5 recieve a light red glow and Top 1 recieve a dark red glow


  • New Hub!
  • Christmas Hub music
  • New event boss: Evil Santa
  • Added Christmas presents in the Realm that drop potions, rarely extractors and character slots

Exclusive Loot

  • Sharpened Candy Cane (Reskinned EX Dark Guardian Sword)
  • Gingerbread Shield (Reskinned EX Crystal Shield)
  • Scripture of Snow (Reskinned EX Magma Infused Scripture)
  • Evergreen Bow (Reskinned EX Bow of the Forest)
  • Ice-Encased Katana (Reskinned Blossom Blade)
  • Star of Christmas (Reskinned Star of Conflict)
  • You can craft these with 8 present fragments (from Evil Santa) and the respective EX item or get them as drops in Christmas bags from Evil Santa himself


  • Fixed some shots being tanked by pets (e.g. Huntress Traps and Assassin Poisons)
  • Fixed Crate percentages not adding up to 100
  • Fixed player data serialization
  • Fixed some incorrect tooltips in items from /recipes
  • Improved Gronk's hitbox for interactability
  • Fixed Baphomet's defense scaling in the Realm
  • Fixed Exalted Kunai of Conflict only doing 10 damage instead of 15
  • Fixed some loot typos
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