Release 2.0.2



  • Auction House purchases have 10% of the item's value added as a tax
  • Increased spawn rate of Shadow Realm Event Bosses
  • Doubled drop rate of dungeons dropped from Voided Gods in the Shadow Realm
  • Santa now gives 150 fame on death
  • Mushrooms from worm father now give 20 fame each on death



  • All godlands white bags 1/125-1/150 -> 1/100 (for all)
  • All lowland white bags 1/50 -> 1/40 (lol)
  • All event bosses white bags 1/300 -> 1/200 (huge)
  • All event dungeon white bags 1/100-1/125 -> 1/100 (excluding chronos sabs, they are still 1/300 as there are 3 of them)
  • Onyx blacks bags 1/125 -> 1/100
  • Santa white bags 3/4000 -> 1/1000
  • Chronos black and Omnipotent black bags 1/750 -> 1/500

Shadow Realm

  • Celestial's Province (Shadow Realm dungeon) black bags 1/250 -> 1/125
  • The Holy Cross (from Seraphim) 1/2000 -> 1/1000
  • Shadow Realm Event Boss whites 1/300 -> 1/200
  • Shadow Realm Event Boss blacks 1/1000 -> 1/625


I felt like Ironman was so difficult due to how impossible it was to exalt UTs, and I also didn't want to make drop rates increased just for ironman.
With this in mind, we added a tax to the AH to have a bit more of a fame sink whilst increasing drop rates.
There will be more fame sinks in the future, but we generally want UTs to be more affordable.
These may change and we will announce if anything changes. I want people to play Ironman more so any imbalance in the economy in the short-term is acceptible to gain more player buy-in.

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