Release 2.1.0



  • Exalting purple UTs now requires only 2 UTs and 7 Forge Fragments (previously was 3 UTs and 6 forge fragments)
  • Using gems, runes, essences and dust doesn't close your inventory anymore
  • Added 2 softcore Realms
  • Realms now have a 25 player cap rather than 30 to reduce lag
  • Royal Forge Fragments now have a drop rate of 1/15 (previously 1/20)
  • Bloodshot Forge Fragments now have a drop rate of 1/20 (previously 1/50)
  • Holy Cross from Seraphim is now a 1/500 drop rate (previously 1/1000)
  • Reduced contact damage of Seraphim during charge phase
  • Slightly reduced shots of Seraphim pentagram phase and laserbeam during final phase
  • Increased spawn rates of Lowlands mobs and Beach mobs
  • Removed presents, Santa, and updated the Hub and its music

Softcore Ironman Mode

When creating a class, you can select to make it a Softcore Ironman Mode character. It is an offshoot of Hardcore Ironman geared towards players who wish to experience what the game has to offer without its unforgiving permadeath edge. Check in-game to see specifics!

  • Softcore Ironman Mode characters only can play in Softcore Realms
  • Softcore Ironman Mode characters cannot trade items to other players or other characters
  • Softcore Ironman Mode does not have a leaderboard and the alive fame on it cannot be transfered into death fame


  • Fixed gems disappearing when conditions aren't meant for one to be socketed
  • Fixed Normal classes being able to pick things up from Ironman Mode classes using a /loot bug
  • Fixed stars going down when a class is deleted
  • Fixed XP bar not being updated properly
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