Release 2.2.0



  • Softcore Ironman mode characters can cross trade items to other Softcore Ironman mode characters in the same account
  • Added backpacks to the store: each character can have a private backpack they can open anywhere


  • Nerfed Avatar's health from 6000 to 4500
  • Gravedigger's Shovel arch has been reduced
  • Buffed Breastplate of New Life from +10 health to +12 health
  • Buffed Void Hat from +4 health to +6 health
  • Buffed Cultist Hood from +5% defense to +12% defense


  • Cupids can spawn around randomly in the realm and can give potions, extractors, character slots and rare reskins
  • Charged Bedrock Elytra reskin - Cupid's Wings
  • Elemental Helmet reskin - Helmet of Elemental Love
  • Spirit Dagger reskin - Dagger of Eternal Love
  • Chronos Heart reskin - Valentine's Box of Chocolates
  • Soul Hat reskin - Cupid's Cap


  • Fixed newly made guilds/upgraded guilds not giving guild stats
  • Fixed /ignore not working sometimes
  • Fixed chat filter not working sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that created gem ghost items


Quests have been migrated to the Advancements interface: press "L" in-game to access it!

  • The tutorial questline has been remade and extended. It must be completed again
  • Weekly quests have been added that reset on Monday. You recieve a random one from each group:

Quest 1: Lowlands Quest

  • Complete x5 Pirate Cove dungeons
    Reward: A random Pirate Cove UT
  • Complete x5 Enchanted Forest dungeons
    Reward: A random Enchanted Forest UT
  • Complete x5 Goblin Lair dungeons
    Reward: A random Goblin Lair UT
  • Complete x5 Desert Temple dungeons
    Reward: A random Desert Temple UT

Quest 2: Godlands Quest

  • Complete x20 Abyss of Demons dungeons
  • Complete x20 Undead Lair dungeons
  • Complete x20 Medusa's Den dungeons
  • Complete x20 Treasure Cave dungeons
  • Complete x20 Kraken's Fortress dungeons

Quest 3: Dungeon Quest

  • Complete x30 Cultist Hideout dungeons
  • Complete x30 Omnipotent Citadel dungeons
  • Complete x30 Void dungeons
  • Complete x30 Chronos dungeons
  • Complete x30 Shatters dungeons
  • Complete x30 Illarius' Hideout dungeons
  • Complete x30 Davy Jones' Locker dungeons
  • Complete x30 Fungal Caverns dungeons

Quest 4: Event Quest

  • Kill x50 Slime God
  • Kill x50 Forgotten Sentry
  • Kill x50 B. Chungus
  • Kill x50 Avatar of the Forgotten king
  • Kill x50 Illarius
  • Kill x50 Worm Father
  • Kill x50 Lotil

Quest 5: Black Bag Quest

  • Kill x40 Onyx
  • Kill x100 Chronos
  • Kill x100 Omnipotent
  • Complete x40 Celestial's Province

Daily Event Rotation

Every day there is a new event that begins on the daily server restart.

Monday - Quest Day

Weekly quests reset and an additional 50% chance for bosses to double quest rewards upon quest completion.

Tuesday - Dungeon Day

Dungeons have a 33% chance to drop the portal for that given dungeon when the boss is defeated.

Wednesday - Fragment Day

Fragments have an increased 25% chance of dropping

Thursday - Event Boss Day

Event bosses take 10 minutes to respawn rather than 15

Friday - Shadow Realm Day

Shadow Realm Minibosses spawn rates are boosted by 50%

Saturday - White Bag Day

White and black bag chances are boosted by 33%

Sunday - Fame Day

Fame gain is increased by 50%

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